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At Purely Skincare, we formulate and manufacture 100% natural and organic skincare products because we genuinely care about what we put on our skin and the effect we have on our environment.

When we visit a salon, spa or independent therapist, whether to indulge in a luxury therapy, or have a regular treatment, we want to know that the products the therapist is using echoes our own ethos.

Are you ready to go organic with your own skincare brand?

As a professional therapist, or owner of a spa or salon, we can help you to develop your own organic identity with your own professional range.

Our products

Our products have been developed to meet the requirements of both discerning clients and professional therapists. Our products have been created using a wealth of experience and knowledge, based on scientific and practitioner principles. You can be confident that the products have been ‘tried and tested’ by holistic therapists and their clients.

We are continually developing our product range, sourcing and exploring innovative and effective ingredients, whilst ensuring our high standards are maintained.

We use only the best quality organic and natural ingredients in our products. All our organic suppliers are certified by the Soil Association, so we are confident that our ingredients are truly organic. We develop, manufacture and package our products using ecologically sound principles, and follow the Soil Association standards.

All of our products are free from animal testing, and all but our balms are suitable for vegans. Where we have used beeswax, we ensure that it has been harvested according to strict organic principles, where animal (and insect) health and protection is at its heart.

All products are fully compliant with EU regulations, with full support from cosmetic chemists to ensure client and therapist safety.

Developing your Own Brand

If you want to use organic products in your practice, and are keen to take it a step further, we can work with you to develop your own bespoke organic professional brand. We offer a full service, from initial consultation discussing your exciting project ideas, through to manufacture of your own product range (and all the research and development in between!) The resulting products will be certified by a chartered chemist and we will ensure full compliance with current EU Cosmetic Regulations.

Developing a retail presence with your own branded products

We know that many clients like to continue their enjoyment of their treatment at home. Once we have developed your brand, we can provide you with your own branded products for you to sell to your clients within your practice (salon, spa or as an independent therapist) at a professional rate. This can help your business model by providing an additional income stream.

Our support

We support you as both business clients, developing your own bespoke range of products, and as therapists. We understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the trust your clients put in you. We will answer your queries about your products and how they can be used in a treatment, with our scientific and therapist hats on!

We love being part of exciting new projects and enjoy excellent and collaborative business relationships with our professional clients.

If you are interested in joining us, contact us for an informal chat to explore how we can help you to enhance your business at or via the online contact form.

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